An effective CRM system is necessary for boosting sales and consumer engagement in a retail business. The retail business environment is constantly changing and studies have shown that 75% of consumers feel more comfortable patronizing a store where they are addressed by their name and make recommendations based on the buying history. Retail businesses need consumers to thrive and with a lot of competition out there, having a direct relationship with customers goes a long way in creating a winning success path for the business.

Retail CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) refers to a system that allows a business to develop a great relationship with its customers. It also helps with tracking new leads and opening an effective communication line with them that gets them through the sales funnel faster and increases the conversion rate. In all businesses especially in the retail niche, a great CRM tool is needed as getting repeat customers is paramount to success in the niche.

Generally, most CRM software available today are developed for business-to-business models. They are also great but are more complex due to the business model but they do not apply to the retail niche. Retail CRM systems are structured to fully optimize the business-to-consumer business model by monitoring the frequency and purchasing behavior of customers.

By integrating an omnichannel retail strategy with a great CRM system, consumers can be reached out to with offers that align with their needs to improve sales and reduce customer churn rate as consumers feel valued with the personalized services rendered to them.
Deciding on the retail CRM software to adopt in your business should be based on your business needs, goals, and sales target. With the data provided by your CRM, campaigns and outreaches geared towards leads and existing consumers can be developed by the sales team.
Customer relationship management can be integrated into both physical and online stores to build a relationship with customers. With advanced methods and higher consumer expectations, building your customer base with just their name and contact details on a spreadsheet is no longer enough and it is imperative to adopt a CRM software that offers an all-in-one solution to managing and optimizing customer data.

Retail CRM benefits

Integrating a CRM system into your retail business offers several benefits for the business, sales team, and even the customers as you can offer a better consumer experience than your competitors. Some of the benefits include:

  • Intimate customer relationship. By monitoring consumer frequency and purchasing behavior, CRM helps a retail business open a line of communication with consumers thereby developing a direct relationship with them. It also provides a platform for reaching out to a larger customer base with lesser effort while offering personalized services to each customer.
  • Enhanced customer loyalty. Retail business depends heavily on consumers and according to a Harvard study, it is about 8 times cheaper to retain an existing client than to gain a new customer. With retail CRM, you can offer the best services and treatment to customers which helps them develop loyalty to your brand. Customers will go to where they feel valued and are treated as important clients so by offering messages, rewards, and product recommendations based on their purchasing behavior, your business becomes a go-to brand for their needs. Customer retention is also increased through an effective CRM system and loyal customers can be identified to offer them incentives and even referral programs where they get rewards for promoting the brand to their family and friends.
  • Personalized outreaches. CRM helps a retail brand develop personalized messages, emails, and campaigns that are more targeted. Sending personalized emails with customers’ first name as an opening line is more likely to be successful as they are more likely to be opened thereby increasing customer engagement and conversion rate. 
  • CRM makes performance tracking easier. With the various analytical tools embedded in them, management can track the performance of each sales team and its members easily. Each salesperson’s effort and success rate can be tracked with incentives provided to encourage them to do more. They also have access to data that will help them develop campaigns and strategies to boost their performance.
  • Better customer support. With a great retail CRM system, better customer service can be offered to leads and customers as customer information is already stored in the system. Once customers need support, they do not have to start from scratch and this makes the process easier as their issues are solved quickly. The customer is happier and the support team’s productivity is also enhanced as their work becomes less cumbersome.

A CRM system serves as a great marketing tool for the sales team as customer data stored in the system helps them know which customers to reach out to and the offers they are most likely to respond to. Data stored in the system also gets updated constantly so you do not have to deal with redundant data when developing sales campaigns. Additionally, personalization is easy with CRM even if your business has a wider reach as you can send mass messages across various channels from a single platform without losing the personal touch you hope to achieve.

Choosing a CRM system for your retail business is not always easy as there are many choices to pick from. An ideal CRM should be able to provide an all-in-one system that stores customer data and analyzes them with results presented in a simple manner. It should also promote customer engagement by improving their satisfaction through a personalized shopping experience. 

Integrated Retail is a leading retail CRM systems provider as we offer omnichannel retail strategies tailored towards your retail business. With our CRM system, your retail business would be able to sell better and make more profit as satisfied customers are known to spend more. You also offer personalized services through emails and product recommendations based on customer spending behavior monitored by our data-driven systems. Integrated Retail advanced features makeretail business running easier, give your brand more visibility, and fosters customer-business relationships. 

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