When you look at it, you will realize that your staff is the heart of your business. They are the link between the intangible part of your business and your customers. They ensure that the business is functional and without them running a business would be herculean.
However, managing staff can be a very tricky thing. This is especially the case when you have a growing business and staff seems to be increasing in number. If we are to represent this mathematically, then we would say that the amount of staff is directly proportional to the complexity of managing them. However, it is in your job description as a business owner and manager to maximize staff productivity.
It, therefore, becomes necessary to have systems in place that will help you streamline the various day-to-day processes of your staff. One of these systems is the POS system. If you are aware of what to look for, your POS system is equipped with tools that will help you to manage staff efficiently and increase staff productivity while at it.

Ways Your POS System Can Help Maximize Staff Productivity


Streamline Time Clocks

If you own a business then you are probably not new to the concept of clocking in and out of shifts. It is a staff management concept that is probably as old as the concept of business itself. The goal is to ensure that each staff member completes their hours. Over the years there have been very creative ways to do this. The widely accepted way to do this is the staff time clock. A system that is wired to track the amount of time an employee spends at work.
Well, the good news is that POS systems now come with fully integrated time clocks. This allows the POS system to monitor how long a member of staff works each day thereby greatly reducing the risk of time theft. It also provides details on how many hours your staff has completed. With this, you can make management decisions and ensure that each member of staff completes their hours. If this is not a way to maximize staff productivity, we wonder what is.


Streamline Payroll

Some POS systems also come with payroll automation. This will make the process of wage calculation and disbursement a lot easier. It is a bonus if the payroll is also integrated with the time clock. You would be able to monitor each staff’s overtime, and the total hours worked. The implication is that it is easier to pay each member of staff what is due to them. Keeping track of these becomes even more necessary during peak business periods where a lot of the staff would have to work overtime. A system like this will ensure that there are no delayed payments or erroneous payout amounts. This will ensure that members of staff are satisfied and that is always a way to improve staff productivity.


Manage Staff Scheduling

Preparing the schedule for your staff can be very tasking especially when you are running a manual system. It can be a hassle determining how many people should be on the clock at each time and how the work will be divided amongst them. This requires a system that goes beyond keeping tabs on employee hours and allows you to manage the schedules of your staff.
Luckily for us, there are a lot of POS systems that allow for this very feature. You get to automate your scheduling process, allow for trading of shifts among staff and manage time-off requests. All these can be done remotely, therefore, allowing you to make emergency changes without having to come to the office.


Employee Activity Reporting

The truth about every manager is that you’d like to trust your employees and this is a good thing, but when you realize that 75% of employers have stolen from their employers, you’d realize how important it is to have a system that provides you with basic information about the activities of your employees.
Your POS system should note cash differences after each shift change. It should document cash flow and be able to produce sales reports on each member of staff. Asides from protecting you from internal theft, a POS system with cash management features will allow you to take note of staff who are doing well. And a lot of businesses know that there is no better way to boost staff productivity than through employee rewards and recognition. It has been proven that a happy employee is an employee willing to put more energy into their work.


Facilitate Employee Training

Finally, we go back to that aspect of staff management that mostly determines staff productivity levels. If your staff is not familiar with the usage of the POS system it can have a very disastrous impact on business. The good thing, though, is that majority of these POS systems are built for easy usage. A POS system that is difficult to use would probably not market well. However, each POS system is different and therefore you should consider the specific set of skills required for its usage. A lot of POS systems come with staff training tools built-in and some even go as far as offering comprehensive training materials and onsite training. If you invest in a POS system that is easy to use, you will reap the benefits of productive staff.
The days when staff management was considered a tedious task are behind us. With POS systems you go beyond managing sales processes and inventories. You can track employee activity, reward proactive employees, and manage their schedules. You can streamline their training, You reduce the risk of time and employee theft and you save time. With a good POS system, you are guaranteed optimal staff productivity.

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