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We’re full service omni channel POS software, Omni Channel Marketing, customer loyalty software, ecommerce loyalty software, inventory management system software which means we’ve got you covered on design and content right through to digital. You’ll form a lasting relationship with us, collaboration is central to everything we do. We’ll push you out of your comfort zone from time-to-time, but this is where you’ll shine.


  • We help retailers and consumer facing businesses, build out their information technology road map, to enable them to grow rapidly and profitably.
  • Our technology strategy is product agnostic, and firmly keeps the retailer’s needs at the center.
  • We realise that a retailer does not necessarily need to implement every “new” technology solution, and we help our customers carefully pick and choose solutions that best need their business goals.
  • Our technology recommendations come firmly embedded with solid business case which is tracked to prove the returns on investment for the retailer.
  • Omni Channel Marketing, customer loyalty software, ecommerce loyalty software, inventory management system software, omni channel pos software


  • We offer robust and scalable IT solutions based on best of the breed core products.
  • For our customers we implement the IT solutions across their business domain across the Asian geographies.
  • Our implementation processes have been rigorously tested and are continuously improved, resulting in reduced implementation times, seamless replication across 100s of retail locations; localisation and customisation, on-time and on-budget deliveries.
  • Our comprehensive implementation services include: business process mapping; change management; data migration; full regression testing; documentation and version controls etc.
  • All our implementation services are rendered locally and in local language to enable quick assimilation by the frontline staff.


  • Our business continuity and support services help our customers to derive continued benefits out of their technology investments.
  • We provide technical support, including level 1, local hotline support in several markets across Asia.
  • Our support technicians are well qualified to deliver superlative customer service, which is measurable, accountable and best in class.
  • All our technical support service deliveries are strictly governed by contractual service level agreements (SLAs) and is enabled by rich knowledge base, state-of-the-art telecom infrastructure, comprehensive ticketing system and a multi-channel customer touch point.


  • Our value added services include: Business Analytics; Merchandising; Task Tracking; IT Infrastructure Monitoring; Business Case Monitoring etc.
  • Analytics services help our customers to derive greater value out of their existing technology systems. We provide comprehensive retail analytics across: merchandise analytics; operations analytics; customer analytics.
  • Our data analytics services include: data handling; data management; data migration; data consolidation; insights generation; implementing analytical solutions; creation of enterprise reporting portals; implementation of data visualisation tools etc.

Omni Channel Marketing, customer loyalty software, ecommerce loyalty software, inventory management system software, omni channel pos software

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    Advantages of Customer Loyalty Software Programs

    A dependability program offers various advantages. In this article, I have advanced the main 6 advantages of reliability programs for your online business.

    1. Improve Customer Retention

    The first and the principal advantage of a un waveringness program is it encourages you to improve customer maintenance. That is to say, each un waveringness program has one essential rationale, for example, to hold customers, and they do make truly outstanding and compelling customer maintenance systems.

    Did you know around 60% of the retailers discover customer maintenance as their greatest impediment? Dedication Programs dispense with that obstacle partially.

    1. Expansion in Sales

    Pushing ahead with the advantages of dependability programs is expanded deals.

    Reliability programs are exceptionally viable in boosting your eCommerce income. Offering dependability focuses on a customer for purchasing items guarantees rehash buys and causes you prevail upon customer un waveringness time.

    When you win their unwaveringness, they will probably place more trust in your image and favor it over your rivals. Also, when they become your reliable customers, your business chart would frequently stay high.

    Imagine a scenario where I disclose to you that current customers add to 65% of an organization’s business. I surmise this is sufficient to cause you to comprehend the significance of customer dedication programs.

    1. Unwaveringness Programs are Cost-Effective

    Holding existing customers is nearly more affordable than procuring new ones. The validity that you have worked with your current customers would have required you a ton of exertion, time and cash. To transform another customer into a reliable customer would require a similar duty.

    However, your current customers have experienced your excursion, henceforth, the cost to convince them for standard buys is not as much as what might be needed to impact new customers.

    Examination says getting new customers costs multiple times more than holding the current ones.

    1. Take Customer Relationship to the Next Level

    To develop as a brand requires a solid relationship with customers, and ecommerce loyalty software programs assist you with building a solid bond with your customers.

    76% of customers believe that Loyalty programs are a piece of their relationship with brands. By getting prizes or faithfulness focuses for making a buy, customers feel more pulled in and sincerely connected to your image and lean toward it as their go-to alternative for web based shopping.

    Worth your customers, treat them unique. Cause them to feel that they are significant and you need them to return on your store once more. Manufacture an individual interface through your devotion programs.

    1. Develop Brand Awareness

    Adding to the advantages of customer unwaveringness programs is they help your Brand Awareness.

    On the off chance that a customer gets devotion focuses on a buy, the individual will probably recommend your image to his/her companions, family, associates or family members. Those customers are what we call as Brand Advocates who do verbal exchange for your image and bring you new customers. So we can say that customer faithfulness programs are powerful in customer obtaining too.

    This gets your image taken note. An ever increasing number of individuals visit your store and hope to purchase from your image.

    1. Unwaveringness Programs fulfill Customers

    One thing that customer steadfastness programs ensure is customer fulfillment and satisfaction. Any customer would adore it in the event that they are being compensated something on their buy.

    What’s more, customers would likewise welcome you for this and will have all the more preferring towards your image. It mirrors that you consider them to be one time customers as well as need to keep up a sound connection with them later on also.

    Faithfulness Points module by Integrated Retail

    In the event that you are likewise hoping to set up a steadfastness program for your eCommerce business, our Loyalty Points module, inventory management system will assist you with doing so effectively. It causes you with customer maintenance as well as gives you an occasion to obtain new customers. How?

    Indeed, the Loyalty Points module lets you reward a joining reward to new clients when they join on your site and when a client makes a buy. Customers can utilize dependability focuses as a markdown voucher.

    This is an element stuffed module that lets you characterize various conditions for a customer to procure faithfulness focuses, for instance, when a client has looked for a specific sum or a specific amount, and so on To lay it out plainly, a client will be qualified to get reliability focuses simply after the individual matches the condition as characterized by the vendor.