We offer full feature omnichannel POS software, Omni Channel Marketing, omnichannel retail, customer loyalty software, ecommerce loyalty software, inventory management system software – which means that we’ve got you covered on design and content right through to digital.Our omnichannel feature helps your business attain a greater reach to your customers while enhancing engagement and boosting profit.
You’ll form a lasting and productive relationship with us as our experts are always available to provide premium services to our clients. Collaboration is central to everything we do as we are open to working with your business for accelerated growth. We provide consumer businesses with complete retail management systems. We have completed over 3000 POS implementations with over 200 clients in Singapore and across the Asia Pacific region.

Retail POS Software

Best of breed retail software solution offering omnichannel retail fulfillment orders. Fresh design, scalable, multi-currency, and extendable software offering consumers a great user experience and improved customer satisfaction. Synchronized marketing channel with well-designed campaigns to attain a greater reach and a multi-platform shopping and support experience across all devices and platforms.
Higher customer retention due to reduction in customer churn rate from greater customer satisfaction. Our retail POS systems are specifically developed to fit your business needs so efficiency can be increased thereby boosting sales and profit. An all-in-one solution for tracking sales, inventory, bills, and other analytics is provided by our retail POS system.


E-commerce, Mobile commerce, Social commerce, allowing a consumer-facing business to engage with and fulfill the needs of consumers across channels seamlessly.Integration of omnichannel retail platform by providing an online platform for physical businesses.
Mobile apps that promote customer relations and retention through targeted sales campaigns and also simulate physical stores by allowing customers to virtually view products in their space, request quotes, book consultations and communicate with customer service via a single channel. Promotion of business-consumer relationships through social interaction across channels and platforms.


Customer relationship management (CRM) offers unified customer profiles across channels with standardized privileges and a unified shopping experience. Fully functional and central software for collecting customer information and offering personalized products, promotions, messages.
A functioning customer relationship management software helps identify suitable customers to offer new products or services for early testing before their release to other customers. A CRM software provides data that helps with creating messages, campaigns, visuals and offers that will move leads through the sales funnel faster and increase conversion rate.

Staff Productivity

Solutions that greatly enhance staff productivity across the retail value chain through predictive analytics, in-context alerts, one-point information updates, and consolidated views on execution across the retail chain.With data gotten from our features and systems, employee satisfaction rate can be determined and plans are drawn on how to improve it especially in those working in client-facing positions to enable them to portray the business in good light and give customers an ultimate shopping experience.
Effective communication channels and platforms to exchange information between the human resources department and employees so issues arising can be dealt with promptly. Higher staff productivity is paramount to the company’s success and we provide solutions for enhancing it.

Consumer Engagement

Engage with consumers across channels with consistent, relevant messaging followed by fully attributable sales to assess marketing efficiencies. With highly efficient customer relationship management systems, customer information and behavior can be monitored, recorded, and analyzed to gain insights into consumer psychology.
Consumer engagement can be increased through omnichannel retail strategy which works on the consumer data to create messages and visuals that align with their goals and objectives. Personalized offers and services that will boost consumer engagement can be offered through mobile apps, websites, or social media pages. Better consumer engagement reduces customer churn rate as consumers become more loyal to the business and stick with it.

Inventory Management

Optimize inventory holding across stores and other selling channels. Reduce stock holding through a common and scalable inventory management solutions.Omnichannel retail strategy incorporated with retail POS systems makes inventory management easier. POS systems provide tools for tracking the number of goods sold or services booked, daily, weekly, and monthly sales. The number of goods remaining in the warehouse can also be tracked and recorded with the system.
Accurate analysis of the data can be done easily from which trends can be noticed and future predictions deduced from the numbers. Unbiased sales reports and processes can be prepared from the available inventory data. Also, product stocking can be done before goods run out following inventory management made with our omnichannel retail systems.

Reporting and Analytics

What distinguishes our approach is our focus on connecting different pieces of information to provide a complete picture so a business can be truly agile. Bringing in intuitive and simple reporting solutions comprising ways of information access, across platforms. The information is available in easy to action format on desktop, mobile devices, and other touchpoints.
Collecting this information makes reporting and predictions based on figures easier. With accurate analytics, decisions that will impact the business positively can be made by management. The digital data analytics system we provide reduces paperwork and helps management have better control of business operations.

IR expertise

Integrated Retail (IR) has been in the retail consultancy business for over 20 years and has successfully deployed over 3000 retail POS solutions. With a team comprising experts with deep domain knowledge in both developed and emerging markets and omnichannel expertise, Integrated Retail is truly committed to partnering retail businesses so they not only earn more despite the onslaught of digital-first and e-commerce players but grow. Our years of experience make us a leading voice in the industry which can help your business attain long-term global success.
We save you from as much trial and error as we can to create an omnichannel retail strategy that is unique to your business once we review the present situation of things. With our free zero-obligation consultation on technical transformation, we can discuss your plans and develop a custom system that will not only grow your retail store sales whether online or offline but also maximize your store’s potential for growth.

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