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Customer Booking Management

Take customer bookings online, on phone, by email.
Manage spa resources therapists.
Collect advance for bookings.
Track no-shows to reduce lost opportunities.
Avoid double bookings.
Integrate into mobile apps.
Send reminders to the customers.

Customer Loyalty

Know your customer.
Build and reward Customer Loyalty for your spa and salon.
Run customer contact and customer centered promotions campaigns using email, SMS, POS Notifications.
Segment your customer by demographics, buying behaviour and geographical location.
Analayse customers history.

Staff Productivity Management

Track utilisation of staff and equipment across spas and salons.
Measure performance across defined KPIs.
Deploy staff based onrosters and demand.
Reward productivity among staff by revenues earned and utilisation.
Staff rotation across outlets to ensure optimal utilisation.

Comprehensive Reporting

Complete reporting on customer, services, inventory and cash.
Access reports for all outlets centrally or in each spa outlet.
Deploy staff based onrosters and demand.
Reward productivity among staff by revenues earned and utilisation.
Staff rotation across outlets to ensure optimal utilisation.

Staff Commission Calculation

Complex commission based on revenue, utilisation, margin or specific product and services.
Offer differential commission to different spa and salon staff.
Manage commissions for main staff and helper.
Payroll integration to ensure single payment stream for all staff.
Staff can check the commissions earned on a commission portal.
Novice or expert or celebrity stylists earn different commissions.
Tips tracking and pay-out to spa staff.

Promotions Management

Manage multiple types of promotions across your spa and salon.
Track promotions to create an effective marketing program for your salon.
Run simultaneous promotions based on hour of the day, type of customer etc.
Run customer marketing based on SMS, email, tele-calling to promote the different promotions.
Offer different promotions for products and services across your salon chain.
Create time bound or limited numbers promotion to create a sense of urgency.

Inventory Tracking

Manage consumption of material in the spa or salon for services.
Track usage linked to the customer traffic.
Manage procurement and vendors for the consumables for your spa.
Mark substitute products to substitute for items not in stock.
Issue stocks as incentive to staff.
Track stock receipts and returns from outlets and central store.

Managing Spa Facilities

Manage facilities like spa rooms, hair treatment stations.
Avoid double booking on facilities and improve customer satisfaction.
Allocate facilities and staff based on the service requirements and qualifications.
Track andreport the use of facilities for highest profitability.
Mark facility as not available formaintenance to avoid bookings.

Pre-paid Package Management

Sell packages and other bundled services and products at your salon.
Manage package utilisation across all outlets.
Share package details for a customer across the outlets, offering any-place service.
Offer package astime bound packages for hour of the day utilisation rules.
Track utilisation of package services and commissions .
Offer secure package utilisation feature to your customers.
Allow forsubstitution or upgrades on package services to your customers.

Multi-Country, Multi-Currency

Sell in multiple countries with your chain of salons.
Sell to tourists by offering spa services payment in foreign currency.
Consolidate revenues in base currency for reporting and accounting.
Track the procurements in multiple currencies.
Convert all commissions into base currency.
Post into accounts as single or multiple currencies.
Manage spa and salon franchisees in multiple countries.

Security & Configuration

Secure data and information across different spa and head office.
Define discounting rights and data access rules by staff type.
Offer different services across different locations and prevent misuse.
Customers have PIN confirmation facility to approve use of packages to prevent misuse.
Comprehensive audit trail across all transactions for security.
Encrypted PCI DSS compliant solution for customer and payment data protection.

Franchise Business Support

Manage franchisees across markets and offer common customer experience.
Offer different prices and services in different franchise spa outlets.
Protect information flows from one franchisee to the other.
Consolidate sales and information across different facilities.
Centrally configure and deploy the system across different franchisees.
Reports are accessible by each franchisee for their cluster of salons or by individual outlets.

Tablet & Smart-Phone Apps

Full mobility and deployments across tablets and smart-phones.
Native apps for different mobile devices.
Offer clienteling services by offering mobile devices to your customers in the spa.
Reduce the total cost of ownership TCO by using mobile devices.


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