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POS & Checkout

Selling, returning, exchanging and ordering of goods through single transaction
Send sale feature allows sale to be sent to store where stock is available
Issue and track gift cards, certificates and store credit across multiple store locations in real-time
Quick Price check, stock check, Customer lookup, hold transaction features make checkout process quick and easy
Native Promotions like BOGO,BTGT, BOOM and Coupons available

Customer Management

Maintain an unlimited number of customers within database
Easy lookup by name, phone, or miscellaneous information like passport, IC etc
Track key demographics via unlimited user defined fields e.g. size, birthdate, favourite color, favourite brand
Direct Access to customers purchase history
Built in customer loyalty

Employee Management

Ensure the correct commission levels are assigned and rewarded
Easily split a single commission between multiple employees involved in the same sale
Control your bottom line by limiting the amount of discounts your employees are able to give at Point of Sale

Data and Store communication

Real-time communication through Retail Pro Prism's publish and subscribe communication system
Offline capability of inventory, customer and price lookup ensures business continuity when internet breaks down
Centralized Software Updates
Manage and configure any store from a single location through the Management Console reduces onsite travel

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