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Backend & Merchandisers

Purchase order, Transfer Order creation using a mobile device or tablet which syncs with Retail Pro backend for easier replenishment and allocation
Receiving, Transfer, Sales using Camera Scanner saves lot of investment, same device can be used for receiving, counts, sales

POS & Checkout

Real time Mobile based POS inherits all the features and functions from Retail Pro
Easy Sales, Returns, Exchange, Store Credit
Easy to create orders, Gift Registries, collect deposit
Intuitive touch friendly layouts fits mobile or tablet

Stock Count

Inherits strong PI Feature from Retail Pro
Organize Stock take into Simple PI or divide into multiple zones
Syncs semlessly with Retail Pro
No more wireless scanners or PDA require, built in phone or tablet camera used as scanner

Offline Mode

Offline mode available when connection drops with Retail Pro Server
Item Lookup, Customer lookup, Stock Lookup features available in offline mode