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Integrated Retail Overview 


Integrated Retail is a leading information technology and business service provider in the Asia Pacific region, with focus on consumer businesses: Retail, F&B, Consumer Services like Spa and Salons and Consumer Packaged Goods.

Our solutions power over 3,000 store fronts and power over US$ 1 billion of commerce across physical stores and online e-commerce stores.

We provide best of the breed information technology (IT) solutions comprising: Software; Hardware; Infrastructure; Consulting; Implementation and Support Services and Business Transformation Services.

Through our partnership with several best of the breed product vendors, we are capable of creating, deploying and supporting scalable, robust and functionally rich solutions that are capable of supporting your consumer business’ needs today, and in future.

We are capable of supporting your businesses across Asia through our on-ground and multi-lingual support team.

Our Solutions

We Enable Business Growth and Profitability through Our Comprehensive Solutions.


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  • We help retailers and consumer facing businesses, build out their information technology road map, to enable them to grow rapidly and profitably.
  • Our technology strategy is product agnostic, and firmly keeps the retailer's needs at the center.
  • We realise that a retailer does not necessarily need to implement every "new" technology solution, and we help our customers carefully pick and choose solutions that best need their business goals.
  • Our technology recommendations come firmly embedded with solid business case which is tracked to prove the returns on investment for the retailer.


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  • We offer robust and scalable IT solutions based on best of the breed core products.
  • For our customers we implement the IT solutions across their business domain across the Asian geographies.
  • Our implementation processes have been rigorously tested and are continuously improved, resulting in reduced implementation times, seamless replication across 100s of retail locations; localisation and customisation, on-time and on-budget deliveries.
  • Our comprehensive implementation services include: business process mapping; change management; data migration; full regression testing; documentation and version controls etc.
  • All our implementation services are rendered locally and in local language to enable quick assimilation by the frontline staff.

Support and Business Continuity Services

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  • Our business continuity and support services help our customers to derive continued benefits out of their technology investments.
  • We provide technical support, including level 1, local hotline support in several markets across Asia.
  • Our support technicians are well qualified to deliver superlative customer service, which is measurable, accountable and best in class.
  • All our technical support service deliveries are strictly governed by contractual service level agreements (SLAs) and is enabled by rich knowledge base, state-of-the-art telecom infrastructure, comprehensive ticketing system and a multi-channel customer touch point.

Value Added Services: Analytics

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  • Our value added services include: Business Analytics; Merchandising; Task Tracking; IT Infrastructure Monitoring; Business Case Monitoring etc.
  • Analytics services help our customers to derive greater value out of their existing technology systems. We provide comprehensive retail analytics across: merchandise analytics; operations analytics; customer analytics.
  • Our data analytics services include: data handling; data management; data migration; data consolidation; insights generation; implementing analytical solutions; creation of enterprise reporting portals; implementation of data visualisation tools etc.
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Why Us

Integrated Retail has the most comprehensive retail solutions set, comprising: Best of the Breed Software; Hardware; Domain Knowledge; Implementation Capabilities; Support and Value Added Services.

We offering turnkey services from business implementation to support.

We have a deep understanding of the consumer, competition and business environment.

We have a comprehensive retail focus covering store, distribution and merchandising

We offer localization services backed by multi-lingual staff training with multi-modal implementation delivery capabilities.

meet our team

Team with over 200 Person-Years of Cumulated Retail IT Deployment Experience

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